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JCC is a pan-Arab media organization which aims to reach Arab children across the world.

It provides high-quality and innovative programs and content across multiple media platforms. In addition, JCC drives cultural and educational initiatives that preserve and reflect Arab cultural identity and values for young people.

JCC operates as four separate but interconnected audience facing entities that include JeemTV, an advanced media platform for Arab children 7- 12 years old, and Baraem TV, the first preschool channel for children 2- 6 years old. The organization also offers educational and cultural initiatives such as Taalam.tv -the first Video-On-Demand (VOD) educational portal that offers curriculum-complementing material to Arab scholars, and Siwar, the JCC children’s choir that enables talented youngsters to express themselves through singing.

JCC’s mission and vision are to be loved by children and trusted by parents; and to become the preferred children’s channel in every Arab home. www.jcctv.net



Dubai Media Incorporated – A Lasting Commitment to Excellence

Dubai Media Incorporated (DMI) achieved through its multiple media channels remarkable success and prestigious status on the level of media in the Arab world and reached a maximum number of viewers regionally and internationally owing to its creative, meaningful and relevant content, which always strives to embody the spirit of originality and modernity.

DMI media channels comprise press (Al Bayan, Emarat AlYoum & Ara magazine); Radio (Dubai FM & Noor Dubai Radio); TV (Dubai TV, Sama Dubai, Dubai One, Dubai Sports, Dubai Racing & Noor Dubai TV) and recently pioneered the sports industry by launching the Arabic online platform for sports enthusiasts: EmaratSport.

DMI channels include: Dubai TV, Sama Dubai, Dubai One, Dubai Sports, Dubai Racing Channel and Noor Dubai TV, Dubai FM and Noor Dubai Radio stations, in addition to Al Bayan and Emarat Al Youm Newspapers and Ara magazine. It also includes the digital English publication Emirates 24/7, as well as Emarat Sport, which is regarded as the first specialized Arabic website for sports enthusiasts.

Through a clear vision that focuses on innovation and quality, and working in line with the strategic objectives of the government of Dubai, DMI seeks to create an archive of distinctive Arabic media resources that represent creative and meaningful television content, while respecting social, cultural, and family values in the UAE.

With the breakthroughs achieved by DMI and its splendid success story, DMI took on the responsibility of encouraging creativity through the continuous development of new media services that paralleled relevant developments in the UAE, and inculcate a culture of working in a dynamic media environment among its employees, and the media framework of the UAE in general, based on a clear study. DMI is committed to create a new Emirati media generation able to depict, portray and demonstrate the image of Dubai and the UAE, thereby contributing to the formulation of a new media concept www.dmi.ae




 icflix is the Middle East’s first online media platform. It lets you watch whatever you want, whenever you want, on a variety of connected devices such as computers, smart phones, smart TVs, tablets and gaming consoles. With icflix, subscribers will have on-demand access to thousands of Hollywood, Bollywood and Jazwood (Arabic content) movies and TV shows for a low monthly fee. www.icflix.com



Abu Dhabi Media is one of the fastest growing, multi-platform media and entertainment organizations in the Middle East, operating across the broadcast, publishing, and digital media sectors.

The company manages over 20 market-leading brands in two categories: brands that serve the UAE through a defined public service role; and brands that target the wider Arab world with clear commercial objectives. Abu Dhabi Media maintains partnerships with a number of leading companies in the international media space.
Abu Dhabi Media also owns and operates subsidiaries in film, outdoor broadcast, and printing.

نبذة عن أبوظبي للإعلام:

أبوظبي للإعلام هي إحدى أسرع المؤسسات الإعلامية نمواً في منطقة الشرق الأوسط، ولديها شريحة واسعة من المنتجات الإعلامية في قطاعات التلفزيون، والراديو، والنشر، والإعلام الرقمي.

وتقوم الشركة بإدارة ما يزيد على 20 علامة تجارية في مجالين: علامات تجارية تتوجه إلى الإمارات العربية المتحدة من خلال دور محدد بالخدمة العامة، وعلامات تجارية تتوجه إلى العالم العربي وذات أهداف تجارية.



The premier junior entertainment channel in the region, MBC3 delivers a programming mix of children’s education and entertainment that connects with and stimulates the imaginations of young Arabs aged between three and fourteen. The channel engages with its audience in a dynamic way, while assuring parents of quality entertainment and fun for the junior members of the family.